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SmoothEye®: Fresh, Tight Eyes Without the Hassle
Get immediate freshness and tightness around your eyes with SmoothEye® by Fotona. It’s a non-ablative treatment that tightens the periocular region, stimulates collagen remodeling, and initiates neocollagenesis. Here’s why it’s the sought-after choice for reducing periorbital wrinkles:
Key Benefits:

    •  Instant Freshness and Tightness:

       SmoothEye® provides immediate freshness and tightness in the periocular area, including above, below, and lateral to the eyes.

    •  Collagen Boost for Wrinkle Reduction:

       The non-ablative Er:YAG SMOOTH® mode stimulates collagen remodeling and contraction, reducing periorbital wrinkles.

    •  Little-to-No Downtime:

       Enjoy the benefits of tighter skin without significant downtime. SmoothEye® is a gentle, fast, and non-invasive procedure.

    • Safe and Precisely Controlled:

      Fotona’s SMOOTH® modality Er:YAG ensures safety with precisely controlled treatments for optimal results.

What is SmoothEye®?
SmoothEye® is an exciting non-ablative Fotona SMOOTH® mode treatment designed to tighten the periocular region and diminish periorbital wrinkles. With minimal downtime and maximum patient comfort, SmoothEye® is a sought-after cosmetic procedure for revitalizing the eyes.
After a Few Sessions:

  • Improved skin elasticity and overall structure.
  • Enhanced volume with a significant reduction in wrinkles.

In summary, SmoothEye® offers a simple, non-invasive solution for achieving fresh, tight eyes without the hassle. Experience the benefits of improved skin elasticity and reduced wrinkles after just a few comfortable treatment se

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