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We all want flawless looking skin!But blemishes from hours spent under the sun, picking away at acne and blackheads and pesky pigment spots have always made it tricky to treat and conceal, Especially Melasma.

Well, not anymore!

We house the most effective and  most advanced multi-application aesthetic laser system in the business for Hyperpigmentation.  Combining four wavelengths  in a single treatment we make best use of the unique laser-tissue interaction characteristics of each laser wavelength, and can dramatically improve the outcome of laser-assisted treatments to achieve superior clinical results.

Our new Fotona SP dynamis Line Lasers combats a wide range of skin concerns, including skin resurfacing & rejuvenation, veins and vascular lesions, pigmented lesions &  and much more!


The wavelengths of light produced by our laser technology are designed to be absorbed by the pigmented areas; the powerful light then “shatters” the pigment, causing it to be dispersed by the body’s lymphatic system. The spots will gradually disappear.
The eyes are covered with protective eyewear and a thin layer of gel is applied to the treatment area. The laser is placed on your skin and you will be aware of a series of bright flashes as the laser is moved over the treatment area. Laser pigmentation removal is not painful for the vast majority of people; some report a minor prickling or tingling sensation but this is only while the laser is in action.

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